11 Best Cities To Eat Barbecue in America, According To Experts

photo by e2dan at Shutterstock


Sometimes eclipsed by its neighbor to the north, South Carolina’s barbecue scene is just as hog-minded and perhaps even more spirited due to the central part of the state’s love of mustard-based sauces. Charleston has plenty of spots for quality South Carolina barbecue.

At the Charleston Farmers Market, RightOnQue gives you authentic southern pulled pork, pork loin, ribs, and beef brisket simmered at a low temperature over local woods. It takes 12 to 14 hours! For pork tacos, you have Nick’s Original Bar-B-Q, and for pulled pork and smoked pork belly sandwiches, stop by Swig & Swine.

Meanwhile, if you want the whole hog, head over to Leesville, where Jackie Hite’s makes something every Friday that is unique in South Carolina. He first cooks the hog on a natural wood-fired pit overnight and then cuts it up into large chunks to make it simple for you to pick. By 11 am, he puts out the first half of the hog in a large stainless steel pan, and at noon he puts out the second half. If you get there at 1 pm, you have to eat from his generous buffet since the pig itself is gone. It’s all done in the German South Carolina tradition. Meaning, it’s done with a piquant mustard sauce. Try it one time, and you won’t forget it!

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