World’s Best Food Markets

Fish Market – Sydney

Home to lobsters. Sydney rock oysters, yellow fin tuna and baby octopuses from the Blackwattle Bay, this market also includes a swanky cooking school. Plus, there are weekend discounts.

 Insider tip: “Vic’s Meat Market is fantastic – head to the Wagyu Bar for amazing beef or The Smoker for pulled pork, brisket and other smoked meats.”

Mercado De La Boqueria – Barcelona

Slices of serrano ham, chorizo, cured sausages, organs (the likes of tripe, hearts, and even bull penises): you’ll find it all. For the ambitious, there are also cooking classes.

Insider tip: “Go to the Petras stand, a mushroom and truffle shop with a great selection from all over the world. It also sells dried, travel-friendly varieties.”

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