Waterways of the Czars – Moscow, Russia

Cruising from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Follow the song of the Volga boatman on a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg, sailing the Volga and Svir rivers, trolling the shores of lakes Onega and Ladoga, and exploring some of the villages that make up Moscow’s “Golden Ring,” with monasteries and churches dating from the 11th century.

Just outside Moscow is Sergeiev Posad, the capital of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the small town of Uglich, founded in 1148. Uglich retains much of its charm and original wooden architecture, including the famed Tsarevitch Church, built in memory of Ivan the Terrible’s son, who died mysteriously on this spot.

In Lake Onega – the second largest lake in Europe – the island of Kizhi is filled with extraordinary examples of ancient wooden architecture, a highlight being the 18th-century twenty-two-domed Church of the Transfiguration, built entirely without nails.

Your vantage point is a serviceable though not luxurious German-built, Swiss-managed river cruise boat, where European chefs interpreting local cuisine add to the quintessentially Russian experience.

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