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Preston Myers, owner/pilot of Safari Helicopters, has radically changed the helicopter industry throughout the State of Hawaii to fly air tours in the comfort of an air-conditioned ASTAR 350 B aircraft and the first to offer a two-way communication system between passengers and pilot. They were also the first company to install and operate an FAA approved multiple video camera system with high quality digital cameras to record the passengers’ actual tour, capturing the music, and live narration. Along with introducing new and innovative ways to improve the entire helicopter tour experience, Safari was also the first operator in the State to fly the higher performance ASTAR 350 B2 helicopters introduced in 1991.


Nowadays, Safari flys the Super ASTAR 350 B2-7 features a left side pilot seat configuration allowing for a better view when flying clockwise around the island, higher performance, more reliability, and more passenger leg room… another ‘first’. These aircrafts are now equipped with “Mega” windows offering almost 40% increased visibility. Safari was also the first to initiate the production of the “Safari Skylight” ceiling windows to open up the skies above for an awesome view of Mt. Waialeale Crater.

Preston Myers, one of the island’s most experienced pilots with more than 40 years in aviation, started flying at Mt. San Antonio College near Pomona, California prior to the Vietnam conflict. He then graduated with a degree in aviation before entering the U.S. Navy. Myers recently retired from the Naval Reserves as a Commander (0-5). After active duty with the US Navy, Myers returned to Southeast Asia as a civilian and flew for the infamous “Air America” flying throughout Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam on quasi-military secret missions. He continued his adventures by relocating to Singapore, the international trading capital of the world.

An Air-America helicopter landing in Laos

He flew on oil exploration projects throughout the Indonesian Archipelago of Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, and Irian Jaya (Dutch New Guinea) conducting extensive external loading operations moving oil drilling rigs piece by piece to remote site locations.

Preston maintained his flying proficiency with the Naval Reserves as Executive Officer for a combat search and rescue squadron based at NAS North Island, flying the H-3A helicopter. It didn’t take him long to realize he was not meant for a three-piece suit or freeway traffic jams and moved his family to Hawaii.

If you are interested in flight-seeing Kauai with a small, family-owned company that offers you professional and caring service, then fly with Preston Myers or one of his highly-qualified pilots. Myers is truly concerned about his passengers’ safety and believes in the axiom, “There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.”

Above Kauai – Hawai’i Island

Safari Helicopter Tours is a Certified Part 135 air carrier, Part 133 External-load Operator, and is also authorized under Part 137. Safari Helicopters not only has sightseeing tour experience but has conducted contracts with the US Navy and was DOD AMC authorized, Inter-Agency qualified to fly US Government personnel with several years’ experience fire-fighting on the US Mainland. Overall, no other company in Hawaii has this kind of experience. Tours vary depending on weather, 48 hr. cancellation, Weight restrictions apply.

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