The great British pub culture goes back to an untraceably long history of inns and taverns of the Victorian era. But now, the drab wooden establishments of yesteryear have been replaced by their rich and modern counterparts frequented by celebrities, artists, and the royalty, here’s a list of the top notch pubs in London you just want to be seen at—some new and some legendary.


Let the run down façade of the building not disappoint you; Kevin Spacey has bought a stake here and for good reason. Inside this member’s only club, luxury spans three floors with different kinds of spaces for East Londoners; a lounge, a restaurant, and a club that boast cosy interiors that complement their cocktail menu.


The erstwhile Victorian music hall with legends of Charlie Chaplin and Marie Lloyd seeped in its beams and rafters, Rosemary Branch is a bar and theatre that has won many awards for their in-house performances. Here, you’ll find the hipster crowd drawn to its relaxed ambience, plus a weekly changing food menu and special roasts on Sundays.


Tucked in a quiet corner on Farm Street, this pub in Mayfair is the oldest in the area (1729) and has a long list of patrons who enjoy networking and ideating over fine single malt scotch. Earlier owned by Guy Ritchie and Madonna, it has hosted Princes William and Harry, Kate Moss, Clint Eastwood, and Robert Downey Jr. The Punch Bowl retains much of its history in the dark wood paneling and weighty furniture, offers candlelit private dinners at The Club, and local ales with a Mayfair twist at The Pub.


A tea-themed pub, Stoke Newington Tea House serves over 100 varieties of tea along with beers, wines, and cocktails and replaces a standing bar with a wait staff. The London School of Tea opens right above the space this year. 102 Stoke Newington Church Street; +44-20/8712-1188

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