7 Underrated Florida Vacations You’ll Love

underrated Florida
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Amelia Island

Amelia Island is known as the perfect place to slow down and get that much-needed vacation from your busy home life. Grab your bags, pack up your swimsuit, a few good books, and be sure to bring your appetite.

Again, seafood lovers will be spoiled for choice on this island: beachfront seafood shacks reign supreme! This island has long been a favorite for many golf lovers, though it’s been appealing more and more to families in recent years.

And as an added bonus? This little piece of paradise is in the northeastern panhandle, just a mere 20-minute drive to Georgia. This gives it an extra touch of Southern charm and hospitality. You’ll find many family-friendly activities to enjoy.

This includes cooking classes, biking, horseback riding, and history tours. Did you know that this island has been under French, Spanish, and English rule?

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