Tretyakov Gallery – Moscow, Russia

The Most Important Repository of Russian Art

Home of the world’s largest and most important collection of 19th- and 20th-century Russian art, the Tretyakov Gallery underwent almost ten years of renovation and expansion Even with the exhibition space, only 5 per cent of the colossal collection can be displayed at any one time.

The basis of this astounding assemblage of art was bequeathed to Moscow by the wealthy merchant P.M. Tretyakov in 1892. Here, 19th-century works predominate, added to by subsequent state acquisitions. In the early decades of the 20th century, Russian painters were in the vanguard of European art, and the work of Kandinsky, Chagall, and Malevich are on display here.

An exceptional group of 11th-century icons is another principal attraction. The main gallery dates to the early 1900s, a fanciful building in the Russian Art Nouveau style, which incorporates Tretyakov’s home. A visit here is an intimate experience compared to St. Petersburg’s daunting Hermitage.

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