Trekking the High Atlas – Morocco

Cultures and Vistas Untouched by Time

The Moroccans believe that the High Atlas Mountains are as close as you can get to heaven without leaving earth. This majestic, often snowcapped mountain range can be glimpsed from different vantage points in and around Marrakech, and its beauty is arresting whether seen from a distance or up close.

It was here that John Huston shot the breath­taking ‘Tibetan” sequences of The Man Who Would Be King. Reasonably flat terrain can be alternated with a more challenging trek at heights averaging 13,000 feet, determined by individuals or Berber-guided groups that join up with U.S.-run Sarah Tours, Owned by a Moroccan-born native of the Atlas Mountains who is a twenty-year veteran of Moroccan expedi­tions, Sarah Tours knows their turf: “from the lofty crags and screes of the Toubkal, to the cedar forests of Michlefen and the plunging gorges and karsts of the Mgoun Valley.”

Amid the highest Atlas peaks, move through vast panoramas untouched by modern times. The promise of contact with the unchanged Berber and Moorish mountain people—shepherds, nomads, remote villagers—only enhances the expedition.

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