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St Lawrence Route, Quebec

With the glistening St Lawrence River on one side and mountains on the other, this route is dotted with quaint towns and picturesque villages such as Les Eboulements and Saint-Irenee. Take a break at Mont-Saint-Anne, a ski resort just about 40 kilometres from Quebec City. This mountain resort year-round also offers hiking, mountain biking, and golf. If you want to keep the journey short while sticking to the St Lawrence Route, start at Baie-Saint-Paul and drive 50 kilometres to La Malbaeie nestled in the Charlevoix hills. While Baie-Saint-Paulis home to the largest number of art galleries in Canada, La Malbaie has the luxurious Manoir Riehelieu, one of Canada’s historic railway hotels, perched on a cliff overlooking the St Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains.

However, if you continue further, treat yourself at Fromagerie Saint-Fidele famous for its cheddar and lactose-free Swiss cheese. The final leg goes from Saint Simeon to the Saguenay fjord beyond Tadossac, where you can go whale watching. The observation boat AML Grand Flueve, boasts of a grand whale watching experience from the glassed-in decks, terraces, and observation platform. Do keep half a day for this thrilling activity.

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