Great Escapes – Chic Boutique

Pencil in a break at one of these effortlessly-cool design retreats, for a slice of aesthetically-pleasing weekend wanderlust

1. Casa De La Flora, Khao Lak, Thailand

Thai resorts aren’t all peaked-roofs and wat-temple-like enclosures. Here you’ll find glass-fronted low-rise villas that pay homage to Brutalist architecture, with punctuations of grass ensuring harmony with nature. Guests enjoy Andaman Sea views, an infinity-edge pool and a voluminous library, with villa perks such as a private pool and Apple entertainment.

2. The House Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

Ancient caves, stone houses and intrigue… Sit on the terrace and look over the main square of a quiet town where delights like coffeehouses and the museum are all yours. Rooms – set in a complex of caves – draw personality from robust stone walls, roaring fireplaces and charismatic cameos of wood.

3. The Park, Hyderabad, India

The Bar At The Park Hyderabad

Meticulous opulence is the calling card of this eyecatching boutique hotel, with its striking Nizam jewellery-inspired metalwork façade. Carefully-selected gems shine resplendently within white rooms: homage to the region’s proud reputation for gem production. From luxury lounges right down to the swimming pool, each space is exquisitely designed using a gem-hued palette.

4. Tribe Hotel, Kenya

The hotel ‘defines a city and represents a nation’. Non­conformist angles, cool granite, and a balance of authentic Kenyan materials ensure earthy elegance; waterfalls and gardens entwine with tribal appreciation, while fashion, art and creativity are celebrated.

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