The brilliant Amazon Kindle might just be the ultimate travel companion, and here’s why. Plus, a few more of our favourite ways to make your next holiday a winner.

Take loads of books – without actually taking loads of books

When it comes to holiday reading, you simply can’t beat an Amazon Kindle. Not only can you carry thousands of books in one compact device, but features including an anti-glare screen and the ability to last for weeks without a charge mean there’s no better way to read and transport your books when you’re going away. Plus, Kindles are dedicated e-readers, unlike tablets, so you won’t be disturbed by emails, messages and notifications. From the best-selling Kindle Paperwhite to the all-new, lightest-ever Kindle Oasis, there’s a device to suit all tastes, requirements and budgets, so you’re guaranteed to find a Kindle that will become your perfect travel companion.

“Kindles are dedicated e-readers, unlike tablets, so you won’t be disturbed by emails, messages and notifications “

Pack smarter

Roll, don’t fold, people. Endless numbers of YouTube videos will teach you how to roll your clothes into compact bundles that are easier to pack tightly together, so you’ll save valuable space. With most of us going hand-luggage-only these days on short-haul flights, that’s essential – particularly if you’re travelling with kids (and all their associated clobber) in tow.

Save cash before you go away… and spend it when you get there

We don’t mean stashing money in a holiday fund, though you can do that too – we’re talking about saving lots of little amounts wherever you can. Start with your flights – flying midweek can save you a packet over weekends, while signing up for airlines’ alerts mean you’ll be the first to know when there’s a flight sale. You can also save by organising a few essentials before you get to the airport – order your currency in advance and book airport parking as soon as you know your flight times to make small but helpful savings. Use it to pick up a Kindle in duty free, and make your holiday even more of a winner.


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