Travel Back In Time to Australia’s Norfolk Island

Together in 1877 they built a homestead in Norfolk’s main village area of Burnt Pine and raised a family.

It’s in this home that Marie still lives today. She grew up there. She has run a highly successful tourism business from there. And it’s in her grandmother’s living room that she points to a painting of the HMAV Bounty.

“It all comes back to that one big event – the mutiny on the Bounty. That’s how my descendants washed up on Pitcairn all those years ago. Eventually, it came time to move on and, with much thanks to Queen Victoria, that’s how my family washed up here on Norfolk.”

Note, the writer would like to acknowledge the sad passing of Marie Bailey since this story was drafted and thank hosts Norfolk Island Tourism for organising time with Marie.


Norfolk’s Key Settlement Periods

  • 1300-1500 Polynesian settlement
  • 1788-1814 First colonial penal settlement
  • 1825-1855 Second colonial penal settlement
  • 1856- Pitcairn settlement
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