Travel Back In Time to Australia’s Norfolk Island

The island’s most brutal period

Norfolk Island Government House found in the island’s heritage area is an example of the still-remaining Georgian architecture

In 1825 when the former penal colony sprang back into life under its most brutal command. This time, torture, beatings and uprisings leading to hangings were reportedly common among the nearly 2,000 prisoners.

Norfolk’s second convict settlement quickly became known as one of the harshest in the British Empire. “While this period was undoubtedly grim,” says Janelle, “It’s also given us the incredible heritage landscape and collection of Georgian buildings you see today – much of it built by the hands of convicts themselves.”

“Dozens of buildings belong to this period,” she says, such as Government House (one of the earliest and most intact remaining buildings of its type in Australia), the New Military Barracks, nine military and officers’ houses, hospital ruins (built on the remains of the first settlement) and a cemetery considered outstanding for its collection of centuries-old headstones set into a picturesque coastal landscape.

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