Tranquil Tenerife

tenerife-3Tenerife Select, the luxury brand of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation, features the island’s most exclusive tourist attractions, was designed to inform potential visitors about all the beautiful island of Tenerife has to offer and aims to inform travellers that Tenerife is the perfect location for people seeking a luxury-filled holiday during any time of the year. It offers year-round escapes for those seeking outstanding quality and first class service, and the brand offers a wide variety of possibilities to make the most of a few days away from work, daily routine, stress or undesirable seasons, ranging from accommodation, first-class cuisine, activities and excursions, along with general advice and information on how to make the most of a trip to the island.

With Tenerife Select, you will find special deals with hotels and villas in unique areas of the island. As well as offering the highest levels of both quality and service, the accommodation options included in Tenerife Select have been carefully selected based on outstanding ratings and feedback among its customers. The hotels are exclusively located on the seafront, in city centres or in places with surprising environmental richness, meaning Tenerife Select is on hand to find elements of a trip to suit visitors with all kinds of needs and desires. Tenerife Select also offers health and beauty treatments, amazing excursions, tailored trips and mini cruises on luxury yachts, alongside its wide variety of four and five star hotels, top-of- the-range car rental and theme parks that promise to provide the whole family with days worth of fun.

Tenerife Select also provides the best restaurants and leisure companies that promise to serve up high-class food, attractions, shows and activities. Tenerife offers guests the opportunity to eat as they like, with fabulous traditional cuisine – simple yet delectable dishes served on every street of the towns. As

a fussy and not very experimental eater myself, eating abroad is always a small concern of mine, but good restaurants with talented chefs and varied menus means Tenerife boasts a huge variety of foods, from fish and shellfish to rabbit and homemade desserts. A large amount of visitors tend to stick to the food served to them in the comfort of their hotel or resort, however there are restaurants in surprising places, including traditional wine cellars, at the harbour or on the mountain – forget India and Italy, Tenerife could well be a foodie’s paradise! Similarly for the wine lovers out there, Tenerife’s volcanic earth lends unique nuances and character to Tenerife wines, which you can get to know amongst the vines at the island’s many vineyards and wineries. You could book a lunch or dinner there, or just take part in a real wine-tasting – what better way to learn about the weird and wonderful nature of Tenerife?

Tenerife’s wellness centres, providing guests with various different luxurious treatments, are the latest thing. You can find spas anywhere in the world, but treatments with Tenerife’s volcanic rocks make for a unique experience. However, there are many more options to choose from in Tenerife’s wellness centres, such as seaweed wraps, oriental massages, beauty services with the best professional care and products or rituals with wine, chocolate or gold! The thalassotherapy circuits, all with very relaxing and exclusive surroundings, are also ideal. Many of them are in tropical gardens and have open-air facilities, while some provide even more private spas, for one or two people – highly recommended for getting away from all of the chaos and emerging as new. Travelling to Tenerife is 100% safe and health and wellbeing concerns should be the last thing on any holidaymaker’s mind. The island’s health system is outstanding and, furthermore, there is an exceptional private network with the most advanced medical centres, with specialists in all fields.tenerife-2

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