Top Tables – New Delhi, Delhi Territory, India

For the Palates of Princes and Peasants

India has one of the world’s great cuisines, and the country’s luxury hotel restaurants have become social hubs and gastronomic destinations for local businessmen and families as well as visiting foreigners.

New Delhi’s Maurya Sheraton has no rivals, offering the day-and-night selection of two of India’s best-known restaurants. Dum Pukht’s elegant and airy decor reflects the cuisine’s royal origins as the refined court food of the 18th-century nawabs of Avadh. This little-known, delicate cuisine uses steam to slowly cook sealed vessels of finely cut meats and vegetables until they’re ready to melt in your mouth.

The Bukhara restaurant is radically different, offering robust and informal food and a hunting-camp atmos­phere of stone walls, wooden-trestle tables, and a glassed-in kitchen that’s always good for a show. The food is no less exquisite, but the emphasis is on perfectly prepared tandoori – originally made for peasants but fit for a king.

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