Top 11 Most Beautiful Cities in the US

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New York, NY

We obviously couldn’t get through an article like this without mentioning one of the ULTIMATE beautiful cities of the United States! No place compares to New York City. Here is where you’ll find an incredible melting pot of cultures, neighborhoods, languages, and styles.

A walk down any of Manhattan’s streets is always an intriguing experience. Classical buildings rub shoulders with the ultra-modern ones, constantly remolding the city’s identity.

When in town, you have many Broadway shows to choose from, visit some of the most incredible museums, stroll through Central Park, eat the best bagels NYC has to offer, and don’t even get us started on the cuisine! Drink at a speakeasy, catch a Yankee game or a US Open match and start wondering why you haven’t moved here yet.

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12 thoughts on “Top 11 Most Beautiful Cities in the US”

  1. Thank you for those lovely cities. I am a native of Chicago and enjoyed your view of
    the city. I now live in South Carolina and enjoy visiting Charleston and Savannah in
    Georgia. I am familiar with most of these cities and your description of them makes
    one wish to visit. Luckily I have a son living in San Diego which gives me a reason to

    1. I’ve seen and lived in both the New York and Las Angeles area and they are concrete jungles and not lovely! You would have to be in a park itself to make sense, but most of those cities by and large are sad and tragic! Wonderful theater and arts culture for both, but Charleston, South Carolina they are not.

  2. At least 2/3 of the cities on your list, I would not go if I had free airfare and accommodations to them.

  3. Have you been to these cities lately? I have been to all of them. The crime in some is out of control. San Francisco used to be the most beautiful, like a European city. Now it’s not even on the list. Everyone knows why. I would agree with San Diego, Charleston and Savannah and Boston. Very sad to see what years of liberal mayors have done to many once great cities, in my humble opinion.

  4. I have been all of ithem, (way more beyond: Phylli, Pitts, Potland OR, Houston, Vegas … ) but where is San Francisco, which shall be put in the first place !

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