Top 10 Captivating American Civil War Sites

Photo by Zack Frank at Shutterstock

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Republic, MO

Missouri played a much more significant role in the Civil War than many realize. Only Virginia and Tennessee saw more war-related conflicts on their territory. Wilson’s Creek was the scene of a Confederate victory, and today the site is home to an informative museum which details the state’s role in the war.

This battle was the first major American Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River, and it was fought on August 10, 1861. Features include a self-guided 5 mile automobile tour, which connects eight stops highlighting historically important aspects of the battlefield, the restored 1852 Ray House, and “Bloody Hill,” the site of the final stage of the battle.

Still preserved on the original battlefield, Ray House actually dates back to before the Civil War, and it was used as a field hospital after the fight. After the Union army retreated from the field, General Lyon’s body was brought to the Ray House by Confederate soldiers.

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