Top 10 Captivating American Civil War Sites

Photo by Ritu Manoj Jethani at Shutterstock

Richmond National Battlefield Park, Richmond, VA

During the Civil War, the south used Richmond as the Confederate States of America as the capital. Besides being home to the government, Richmond also played host to Confederate hospitals, Tredegar Iron Works, and the notorious Union prisoner of war camps Libby Prison and Belle Isle.

Although the city sat 105 miles from the Union capital of Washington D.C., Richmond did not fall into Union hands until April 3, 1865.

Today, the city holds plenty of fascinating historical sites due to its proximity to the Mason Dixon line. The Richmond National Battlefield Park is home to over a dozen major wartime landmarks, including the Tredegar Iron Works, home to an engaging collection of exhibits.

Many of the sites around the city have been preserved to how they would have looked during the war. In addition to the battle sites, check out the American Civil War Museum as well.

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