Top 10 Captivating American Civil War Sites

Photo by Adam Parent at Shutterstock

Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, Maryland

This is known as the “Bloodiest One Day Battle” in American History. Twenty-three thousand soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing after twelve hours of savage combat on September 17, 1862. This battle was a significant defeat for Confederate forces. The north won when General Robert E. Lee invaded the north. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation following the battle, declaring that all slaves in the Confederate states would be freed.

The best place to start your tour here is at the park’s visitor center. They have museum exhibits, a film, a museum store, and park rangers and volunteers on duty to help you get oriented. The battlefield is approximately 3,000 acres that you can explore. From self-guided driving tours, battlefield walks and talks with rangers, or exploring the Ry House Field Hospital Museum, there is plenty to see and do for all age groups.

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