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Grand Velas Los Cabos

The resort, which opens at the end of the year, now says it will have a new spa concept and we have the skinny.


Grand Velas Los Cabos is almost ready for tourists

The Spa Atelier comprises a series of designed educational workshops for guests. Tailored to aid a variety of ailments and needs, these custom-made workshops will be inspired by local Mexican culture and based on the principles of ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

Tea leaves, herbs, spices and fruits can have contrasting effects on the body. Through “The Tea Party” option, guests will learn how combinations of tea and natural ingredients can benefit the body.

The “ Healthy Kids Aromatherapy” workshop allows guests to create child-friendly essences that can be combined and used for a wide range of purposes. Combinations can, for example, be made to help children relax at bedtime and also for many other beneficial functions that assist kids to go about their daily lives.

Note: Two distinct couples’ workshops will take place in the realm of Spa Atelier. One will boost a couples’ existing connec­tion and the other will aim to potentiate their love for each other.

Through the “Custom Dosha Exfoliation,” travelers can have the unique opportu­nity to create custom exfolia­tions depending on their Dosha, a central concept of Ayurvedic medicine wherein health exists when there is a balance between three energies — Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water).

Nice Touch: Each exfoliation will be carefully crafted to the needs and desires of the guest based on this ancient Ayurvedic practice.

Tip: All workshops will be between 50- to 80-minute long, taking place in the Spa Atelier space by the entrance of the spa.

Note: Some workshops will be complimentary whereas others will be available at an extra cost.

Advisors looking to book a workshop for a guest should connect with Josselyn de la Mora, spa director.

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