The Wonders of Telangana



Built during the reign of Kakatiyas in the 13th Century, this impregnable fort is a combination of geometrical intricacies and beautiful arches. The fort consists of 45 towers and pillars, which are spread over a radius of 191cm. The iconic Elcasshilai, which is a beautifully carved gateway in the fort now finds place in the official symbol of Telangana state.


Telangana is one of India’s leading destinations in hospitality segment and has an impressive number of rooms across luxury, economy and budget segments in and around Hyderabad. Telargana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) offers luxurious, comfortable and world-class accommodation with its Haritha chain of hotels and resorts all over the state. These resorts are well maintained and reliable with many amenities for the comfort of tourists. The modern ambience and the excellent facilities offered by Telangana Tourism makes the journey of tourists pleasant and memorable. In addition, there are many private resorts and hotels that cater to the tourist flow with quality facilities.


Telangana is renowned for its delicious desserts and spicy cuisine. Hyderabad, which was once the capital for many dynasties represents a unique blend of cuisines, beverages and culinary habits. Dum Ka Biryani, Qubani Ka Meetha, Hyderabadi special biryani, Sakinaalu, Irani Chat Sarva Pindi are among those specialities that are popular in Hyderabad. Mughlai cuisine easily blends with Nawabi cuisine and there is delicious Telargana pappu for everyone. Hyderabadi Haleem is not just savored in the region but is also exported by some of the leading brands in Hyderabad. Made exclusively during the Ramzan season to break the fast held for more than 12 hours, people from all religions vie for this non-vegetarian delight.


Telangana is well-connected to other parts of India with extensive rail and mad network. Important national highways crisscross the length and breadth of Telangana linking the state with other neighbouring states Secunderabad railway junctions, also the headquarters of South Central Railways and Kazipet and Warangal Railway junction connect the state to key cities and regions of along with numerous other stations.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, located at Shamshabad near Hyderabad is adjudged as one of the best airports in the world. It connects Hyderabad, the heart of Telangana with various other national and international cities and capitals. The airport offers visa-on-arrival facility for citizens from more than 140 countries, a boon for overseas tourists.

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