The Wakaya Club – Wakaya, Fiji

Barefoot Luxury in a Private Shangri-La

Of Fiji’s more than 300 islands, very few are privately owned, but Canadian entrepreneur David Gilmour was so taken with the islands’ beauty that he acquired this 2,200-acre slice of paradise in the 1970s and built his dream home, which represents everything that’s special about Fiji.

The ruggedly forested, moun­tainous interior teems with wild horses, fallow deer, pigs, massive banyan trees, and soaring 600-foot cliffs, while thirty-two deserted shell- strewn beaches ring the perimeter. Gilmour’s good taste is obvious everywhere, especially in the nine ultra-spacious plantation-style cot­tages. Indigenous natural materials prevail throughout: thatched roofs, distinctive handwoven bamboo walls, and lustrous yaka wood floors.

At the open-air restaurant pavilion, whose cathedral ceiling soars more than 60 feet, muffled lali drums announce the superb meals, which are prepared by four resident chefs uti­lizing fresh-grilled seafood, local game, and organic vegetables planted from a backyard gar­den. Dinners are followed by nightly songfests performed by the warmhearted and ever-smiling Fijian staff, the very soul of this resort. You’ll feel like David Gilmour’s incredibly lucky personal guests – until you get your bill.

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