The Temples of Khajuraho – Madhya Pradesh, India

Erotic Tableaux in the Middle of Nowhere

In this sleepy little town a long way from anywhere, a century-long burst of creativity during the dynasty of the Chandela kings (around A.D. 1000) resulted in the construction of more than eighty-five temples, of which twenty-two remain, decorated with long run­ning friezes that intersperse day-to-day scenes with military processions.

Khajuraho is most renowned, however, for its profusion of sensual and erotic friezes and sculptures, in which celestial maidens pout and pose while other figures engage in every imaginable position of the Kama Sutra. These sculptures are great jubilant paeans to life, with an extraordinary explicitness that makes them as remarkable today as they must have been when they were first unveiled.

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