The Sukhothai – Bangkok, Thailand

A Modern Temple of Ancient Thailand’s Golden Age

Bangkok does not lack for five-star international hotels of pan-Asian decor heavy on Western aesthetics, but the Sukhothai has become the hotel of choice for discerning guests looking for an elegant ambience where they can nevertheless wake up and know they’re in Thailand.

A palm-lined drive and 6 acres of flower gardens and lily ponds recapture the serenity of the 13th-century kingdom of Sukhothai, from which this striking hotel takes its name and inspiration. Despite its size (there are some 200 exquisitely appointed rooms with oversized teak-floored bathrooms), the hotel evokes the air of a Buddhist retreat, with Sukhothai-style stupas reflected in pools of lotus blossoms and illuminated at night.

Native craftsmanship is evident in the artful use of wood, granite, ceramic, and fabrics that recall the palatial salons of the ancient capital. This quintessential Thai experience crescendos on the open terrace of the Celadon, where tra­ditional piquant cuisine mingles occasionally with the modem in dishes that are a feast for palate and eyes alike.

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