The Connaught Hotel – London, England

The Standard Bearer and Embodiment of England

There are many top-drawer hotels in London, but the Connaught never strays far from first place. With a clientele and staff that are equally loyal, the Connaught exudes a refined club like atmosphere that embodies English luxury and Edwardian elegance. Considered a dignified bastion of white-glove hospitality since it opened deep in the heart of Mayfair, renovations and alterations are always undertaken with extreme discretion.

Some things never change, and shouldn’t: here at the Connaught, it’s always 1897. Named after Queen Victoria’s third son, the Duke of Connaught, this low-profile landmark hotel is clearly favored by a list of longstanding guests who choose to ignore the trends of fashion and avoid media glare. The service by its expert, dedicated staff is surprisingly low-key; the hotel’s refined old-world charm is never effusive. With just ninety-two luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, the Connaught is a “baby grand” hotel in size and is home to the much-acclaimed Grill Room.

Transformed in early 2003 by the deft hands of Chef Angela Hartnett, a protégé of superstar Gordon Ramsey, and by Nina Campbell, London’s most sought- after decorator, The Grill and its sister venue, The Menu, are very much at the forefront of London’s vibrant dining scene. The original mahogany paneling remains, as do the house specialties, but the menu now leans toward the Mediterranean. If you’ve never stayed at Buckingham Palace, stay (or break your fast) here for the next best thing.

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