The Park Hyatt Tokyo – Japan

An Avant-Garde High-Tech Aerie

You’ve never seen anything like this ultramodern hotel (unless you’ve seen the award-winning Lost in Translation, which was filmed here) occupying the top floors above Tokyo’s busy nightlife district in a futuristic fifty-two-story skyscraper, one of the city’s most dramatic.

The largest guest rooms in Tokyo are equipped with every gadget and infinite amenities, including huge bathrooms, some with superlative views of Mount Fuji. The numerous restaurants offer soaring spaces with unmatched views.

The starkly beautiful Kozue restaurant and the stylish, super-trendy top-floor New York Grill/New York Bar – the latter with two-story windows, an amazing 1,600-bottle wine cellar, an open kitchen, and fabulous original art – have brought an unprecedented level of sophisti­cation to Tokyo. Together, they’re the city’s uncontested power scene. The gym and pool area are housed in a three-story glass-enclosed pyramid, making sunset and the neon-lit evening hours the perfect time to work out.

The gorgeous, understated East-meets-West ambience in every facet of the design captures the trail-blazing essence of Tokyo better than any other city hotel – and that says a lot.

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