The Impressive History Of The Luxurious Wukang Road

Wukang Road Tourist Information Centre or the Xuhui Historical Building Art Centre has been providing insightful local information for visitors in Shanghai to experience the art, attractions, food, and entertainment, as well as information on where to stay and shop! The centre sits on the historic Wukang Road, one of the National Historic and Cultural Streets of China, in the former French Concession area. Lining up this century old street are a diverse range of historic buildings with different architectural style, which are all now officially protected.hhzl1850
Wukang Road Tourist Information Center helps visitors learn the history of Wukang and actively provide interesting news and activities around the district, as well as solve any tourism-related problems. As it is also the Historical Building Art Centre, related problem also exhibits models of diversity of 8 unique historical buildings which are the landmarks of Xuhui and the protected architecture of Shanghai, and surrounding these miniature models are 40 photographs of these unique architectures in different perspectives through the lens of Shanghai’s renowned professional photographers.

If you want to dig deeper into the history of Wukang and Shanghai, head to the centre’s library where you’ll find extensive collection of books and documentary videos on Shanghai’s architecture history and the culture of Shanghai. Since Wukang Road is one of the National Historic and Cultural Streets of China and it is close to popular attractions in the district, the centre is comparably more convenient, and hence busier, than other tourist centres in Shanghai, but that isn’t the only advantage of Wukang Road Tourist Information Centre. The centre provides professional docent to guide you through the history of Wukang and you can easily catch the latest news and events by following the centre’s official We-Chat account.

Special activities are also organized to boost visitor experiences. For example, a guided tour along 1.17 km of the historic road is hosted every first Saturday of the month, and tourists can share their personal experiences in the activity organized on every last Saturday of the month. Occasionally, the centre would invite experts on variety of historic and cultural topics to provide visitors with insightful information about Wukang and Shanghai.

Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China

Located in southwestern Shanghai, Wukang Road is an ordinary road with extraordinary buildings along its path. Lining along its serene atmosphere are a mix of officially protected western and traditional Chinese architectures, including homes of important figures and celebrities in China such as Mr. Huang Xing, Mr. Tang ShaoYi, Mr. Chen GuoFu, Mr. Chen LiFu, and the renowned Chinese writer, Mr. Ba Jin. To put it simply, Wukang Road is home to 3 distinct architectural, historical, and cultural features, including:

1. Diverse classical, renaissance, baroque, and art deco, English, Spanish, Italian, and French architectures that make the road the “showroom” for western architecture.

2. Historic luxury mansions that reflect the development of Shanghai, and show the successes and failures of western travelers, Chinese merchants and politicians.

3. The cultural history that tells the story of renowned residences of Wukang Road like movie stars and famous Chinese writer. Ba Jin.

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