The Great Sahara – Morocco

Desert Beauty and Mystique

No roads, no people, total silence, and at night, an ocean of stars, uncannily clear and bright. Spending a few days in the quiet expanse of the Sahara is a magical odyssey. Local Berber guides bring alive the traditions, romance, and history of their extraordinary environment.

After penetrating deep into the Sahara by jeep, in and around the shifting sands and undulating waves of towering golden dunes, your tented campsite appears like a mirage against the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the highest in Morocco.

Walks are arranged in the cool, early hours of the morning; jeeps convey you to desert towns, fortresses, ruins, and cool oases where foreigners rarely venture. Camel-and goat-herding Tuareg nomads drop by your camp with their tales and musical instruments.

Delicious campfire meals are enjoyed in the dining tent or under the stars that have guided caravans since ancient times. You’ll see enough shooting stars to last a lifetime—have your wishes ready.

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