The Grand Casino – Monte Carlo, Monaco

A 19th-Century Landmark in a Fairy-Tale Principality

The tiny principality of Monaco, no bigger than London’s Hyde Park, has catered to gamblers and the idle rich for the last 100 years. Both types can be found with all their over-the-top idiosyncracies at the legendary Grand Casino, the world’s most renowned casino, and indisputably the most glamorous.

This is one of the last places on earth to wit­ness chaffeur-driven Rolls-Royces disgorging wealthy exiles, sun-baked yacht owners, and celluloid divas weighed down by serious jew­elry. The sedate, even discreet, Belle Epoque setting was designed in 1863 by Charles Gamier, grand architect of the Paris Opera.

Black tie is no longer required, but jackets and ties are a must in the inner sanctum of high rollers, and many women wear long dresses. No Monegasque gambler sets foot in the casino without first stopping by the lobby of the Hotel de Paris—a poker chip’s toss across the impeccably groomed Place du Casino—to rub the left knee of the bronze statue of Louis XIV’s horse for good luck.

Facing the hotel and alongside the casino, the Garnier-designed Cafe de Paris is a de rigueur stop for a pre -or apres-casino drink or a crepe Suzette, invented here in the early 1900s and named after a friend of the Prince of Wales.

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