The Elk Island National Park: Exploring The Beauty Of Canada’s Outdoors

Discovering Elk Island National Park – Just 22 miles from the city of Edmonton there’s even more to explore in the pristine, remote wilderness of Elk Island. Barely an hour by car from the city, you’ll discover another world of pure Canadian wilderness. This is a region packed with history and wildlife, all of which you can experience in a day trip from the city.

Wildlife lovers’ will be in their element in Elk Island National Park. The park protects the nature of the aspen parkland, while also working to save and preserve the area’s bison species. It’s also now home to a bison conservation facility – take a behind-the-scenes tour and you can learn about the techniques behind the successful conservation facilities with demos and hands-on activities, not to mention some incredible picture opportunities.

Not only that, but the aspen parkland is a lush oasis that’s home to moose, elk, deer and over 250 species of birds. It won’t take you long to be blown away by Canada’s native animals in their natural habitat. When not spotting wildlife in Elk Island National Park, you’ll get to see one of the areas other spectacular sights: the sky. The park is set within a dark sky preserve, which means you’re in prime territory for seeking out star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. You may even catch nature’s most jaw-dropping light show – the Northern Lights. With a backdrop of pristine Canadian wilderness, it’s sure to be the highlight of your year’s adventures.

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