The Best Places to Travel in the USA on a Budget

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6. New Orleans, Louisiana

Being one of the most unique cities in our country, New Orleans is famous for its French Quarter, its unique cuisine and the Mardi Gras festival. However, even if New Orleans is associated with 300-year-old buildings that reveal its French influences, there are a lot of other places that are worth visiting here, especially from February to May when the weather is comfortably cool.

Some of them include Garden District, the National WWII Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, City Park, Audubon Nature Institute, New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, or Studio Be. For souvenir shopping, you should check out the unique antiques stores along Magazine Street in the Garden District. This street is also famous for hosting some pretty good restaurants.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Places to Travel in the USA on a Budget”

  1. Good list! My wife and I have been to each of these cities and concur that they are great places to visit on a budget.

  2. Have you considered St. Louis, Missouri as one of the best places to travel on a budget?
    Forest Park has one of the best zoos in the country and it’s free, the Jewel Box is also free, there are free animal shows at the zoo. The St. Louis Arch is a great place and there are river boat rides down the Mississippi River just to name a few attractions. Sports fans will enjoy the St. Louis Cardinals baseball and football teams. Anheuser Bush Brewery gives tours. Many more attractions too numerous to name.

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