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Thai cooking classes

The piquant and aromatic traits of Thai cuisine are well loved all over the world. Its notable use of spice, fish sauce, kaffir limes and sugar cover a full spectrum of taste on the tongue that whets appetites and gets diners reaching for more. This explosion of flavour might seem complex but the keys to good Thai cooking are easier than you think. For return visitors to Thailand, signing up for a Thai cooking class might just be the activity needed to inject a renewed love for the country.

  • Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant


This school was set up by Chef Nooror and her husband, who both set up the popular Blue Elephant restaurants in Europe. The duo decided to open the Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant in hopes of developing and training chefs to understand Royal Thai cuisine. Classes here involve a trip to a local market to learn more about local ingredients before a head chef conducts cooking demonstrations back in the kitchen. Guests will then be able to try their hand at preparing the dishes they’ve learnt just minutes ago as well. The popularity of the school in Bangkok spurred the couple to open a second school in Phuket as well, which specialises in Baba Phuket cuisine-Thai food influenced by the Thai Peranakans in the area.

  • Silom Thai Cooking School


The classes here follow a similar format to that of Blue Elephant but the emphasis is placed more on creating the dishes from scratch so that travellers can take home the recipe and add them to their repertoire. There are seven courses to choose from that cover a diverse variety of familiar Thai dishes and the basics of Thai cooking. For those with a keen interest in cooking, the school also has an intensive seven-day course where students would have learnt a total of 40 recipes by the end of the week.

Thai boxing classes

‘The art of eight limbs’ is the nickname given to the traditional Thai combat sport of Muay Thai. The mental and physical discipline is a full body workout that has attracted a strong following all over the world. There are many gyms in places like Bangkok, Phuket and Khao Lak that are open for foreigners to try out this stimulating and challenging sport and even train full time like a professional.

  • Tiger Muay Thai & MMA


Considered the Number 1 training facility in Phuket, Tiger Muay Thai has become the training ground for the world’s most elite athletes. But despite its portfolio of top Muay Thai fighters, Tiger Muay Thai caters to all levels of boxers — for the holidaymaker to professional fighters who would like to learn the basics of the sport or hone their skills in the ring. The trainers take the tradition of Muay Thai seriously and hope to impart the same respect for the sport in all who join them. Tiger Muay Thai also has other MMA, fitness, yoga and body conditioning disciplines as well.

  • Rawai MuayThai Khao Lak


This training camp that faces the Andaman Sea was set up by Tuk, who fought professionally in the spot for 15 years. Its new Khao Lak facilities are best suited for serious trainees of Muay Thai who would like to work on individual moves. There are two two-hour classes daily that work on specific techniques like Clinching, Low Kick, and Wai Kru. Apart from trainings, guests can also make use of the swimming pool, massage and restaurant facilities for a break.

Dinner cruise

The early morning might see vendors on long boats selling fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and more at the floating markets on the Chao Phraya River but the river turns into a channel of romance in the evening as dinner cruises take sail Experience another side of the river with the sights of Bangkok’s skyline while tasting fine Thai cuisine onboard a dinner cruise.

  • Apsara Dinner Cruise by Banyan Tree


This luxurious dining experience by Banyan Tree Resort will make for an extra special night out and is perfect for couples hoping to add romance on their trip to Thailand. Guests get to enjoy elegant restaurant cruising along the river on a converted vintage rice barge through the night. The barge comes to rest in front of famous sights, such as Wat Arun Temple, the Grand Palace and the golden Rama VIII Bridge while guests dine on Royal Thai cuisine prepared fresh onboard.

  • White Orchid River Cruise


Be entertained on this two-hour evening cruise along the Chao Phraya River onboard the White Orchid River Cruise. Feast on a Thai/Western buffet and enjoy ‘live’ music, as well as watch performances of Thai classical dancing as the boat cruises from Si Phraya Pier towards the Rama VIII Bridge. Guests can also head up to the open-air deck to soak in the warm atmosphere and catch the sun setting in the distance.


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