Spain – Cultural Scenery And Fiestas All The Way

GALICIA – Rolling hills draped with patchwork fields of green. Granite cliffs looming over vacant beaches. Rich vegetation. Frequent rainbows. And the occasional bagpiper (one of the Celts most visible legacies). Galicia, the damp, verdant, almost mystical corner of the country, with its Celtic roots, is page out of a fairy-tale.

Bon Fires of San Juan – A bonfire to celebrate the arrival of summer, may sound like something out of a Game of Thrones episode, but it is an actual occurrence in A Coruna, a region of the Galicia. Witness euphoric parades and street performances, bagpipers and traditional dancers, people eating sardines and drinking beer. As night falls, hundreds of bonfires are lit to ward off witches, evil spirits or bad vibes that may be hanging around.

Sea Food Fiesta – Since 1963, O’ Grove, Galicia has been hosting this cultural-gastronomic event to highlight: fishing and tourism. Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend this fiesta. It features stands overflowing with the finest shellfish and fish, prepared and served by town locals. There is also traditional Spanish music concerts, cultural activities, sporting events, cook-offs and much more, making it one of the happiest events to attend in Spain.

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