The 50th Anniversary Gala celebration was held here last October, with several cast members and some of the real Von Trapps present to see some of the stars of the local production, performing. Let’s just say that when everyone – cast, honoured guests, and the audience joined together to sing “Edelweiss”, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – mine included. To see some of the other notable places used during the movie, it’s advisable to do the Original Sound of Music Tour with Panorama Tours.

The four-hour tour includes some of the places mentioned above, but also heads out of town to Leopoldskron Palace and Frohnburg Palace (which were both used as the family home in the movie), and swings past the Von Trapp Villa, where the family actually lived. Another stop is Hellbrunn Palace, where you’ll find that famous gazebo (of “Sixteen going on Seventeen” fame), but it’s worth another visit to enjoy the beautiful and cheeky trick fountains put in place by a mischievous Prince Archbishop Markus Sittkus in 1613-19. From here the tour goes to the Lake District to Mondsee and its beautiful St. Michael’s Basilca.

The trick fountains at Hellbrunn Palace

The movie’s wedding scene was shot here, and if the tree-lined road coming into town looks familiar, it too was in the movie. Do go into the church’s gift shop – it was here I purchased the book that started the Sound of Music phenomenon – The Story of the Trapp Family Singers written by Maria Augusta Trapp in 1949. You can also pick up postcards showing the cast filming the wedding.
The village of Werfen is now home to the brand new Sound of Music Trail, around the idyllic pasture where Maria started teaching the kids Do Re Mi.

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