Senado Square – Macao, China

A 10-minute walk from the Sofitel Macau will take you to picturesque Senado Square. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, to my mind this is one of the most beautiful parts of Macao, with its pastel-coloured Neoclassical buildings and paved walkways. Streets and alleys branch off the square and it doesn’t matter which one you take, they all lead to one charming scene after another: a fountain in an atmospheric square, a magnificent classical-style church, an alleyway filled with Portuguese and Chinese cafes.
One street leading from Senado Square takes you to Macao’s most famous landmark St Paul’s Cathedral. Built in the 17th century it was once a spectacular Jesuit cathedral, but is now just a facade crowned by the cross of Jerusalem. It’s magnificent and even after seeing it more than 10 times, I’m as enthralled today as I was at first sight in 1990.


One of the So Spa’s Rooms of Sofitel Macau – China, Asia

A couple’s treatment at the hotel’s So Spa the world-renowned temple of optimal relaxation: a day trip to the Cotai strip (allow a full day to enjoy the entertainment complexes and fantastic evening shows), and walking tours designed by the Macao Government Tourist Office to get you out and about without the need for a guide.


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