Savouring the Best of Korea

Daegu is a landlocked city, which means it is much warmer than other cities during winter and might be a better place to be for visitors who are not used to the cold. It is a city famed for shopping. Try the local marketplace that is divided into six districts selling just about everything you might need or head to Dongseongro Shopping Street for an endless supply of beauty boutique store.

Daegu, South Korea

Jeongseon is a valley town located in the south-central part of South Korea. Designated as one of the locations for the 2018 Winter Olympics, you can be sure that skiing in this region is of world-class quality. At High 1 Ski Resort, all equipment and suits are provided for and all you need to prepare, is a session of heart-pumping excitement along the ski slopes.

Jeongseon, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is no stranger to all, the capital and heart of Korea’s culture, education, politics and economy. A myriad of attractions await, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Blue House, Korean Ginseng Outlet stores and the famed Myeongdong Fashion Street. If you are hungry or bored in the wee hours, drop by the wholesale malls in Dongdaemun which are opened from 10am to 6am stop by the street carts outside for a stick of spicy chicken or roasted potato slices.


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