Sand Rivers – Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

The Quintessential East African Wilderness

The only well-beaten paths you’ll follow here are those trodden by ele­phants or the occasional local villager on his or her way from town. Selous may be the world’s largest game reserve, and it seems even larger because it remains so unexplored and untouched.

So what’s a luxurious lodge like Sand Rivers doing in the middle of 20,000 square miles of pristine wilderness? Kenyan-born Richard Bonham has made his home in Selous, one of the few national parks to allow walking safaris, and he’s the finest walking guide you could ever wish to track down. Walks lasting a few hours or a few days strike out from the permanent camp. You’ll follow game trails and riverbeds and experience both the thrill of the stalk and the serenity of the wilderness.

River safaris along the Rufiji and Lake Tagalala reveal the full beauty of the magical water channels and yet other species of game. If there’s anything you could possibly have missed, four-wheel-drives remain on standby back at camp; you’ll do nothing more strenuous than sit back, hold on, and marvel.

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