Samode Hotels – Samode, Rajasthan, India

Country Palace, City Mansion

You won’t be the first to think the exquisite Samode Palace Hotel would make a perfect film set: Hollywood used it in The Far Pavilions and so have numerous Hindi movies. This jewel box of a palace was built in the 18th century as a luxurious country retreat in the farming village of Samode, outside Jaipur. The elaborately painted and enameled public rooms and sumptuous Diwan-i-Khas Hall may make you welcome the less opulent guest rooms for their comparatively plain decor.

Less palatial and overwhelming than its country sister, the stately Samode Haveli, tucked away in a quiet corner of bustling Jaipur, was built as a city residence for a prime minister of the royal court. Retreat to any of its three amazing suites, with their orig­inal colored windows, mirror inlay, archways, and frescoes of flowers and idle court life scenes, for a taste of the princely pleasures of Old Jaipur.

Both hotels are privately owned and run by the Samode Royal family, descen­dants of the aristocrats who built the Samode Palace. Their two remarkable properties offer a complete town-and-country idyll.

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