Restaurant Paul Bocuse – Lyons, Rhone-Alpes, France

France’s Most Beloved Grand Chef

Hailing from a family that has been running restaurants since 1767, Paul Bocuse has won the most accolades and awards in the culinary world since opening the restaurant that bears his now world-famous name in 1965.

Elegantly attired food lovers flock to his gourmet temple from all comers of the globe, content to be in the deft hands of the chefs who run things smoothly in his frequent absence. Yet the larger-than-life spirit of Bocuse is always palpable.

The first chef ever to be decorated with the Legion of Honor by a French president, Bocuse continues to offer the down- to-earth regional fare that he promotes during his world travels as ambassador of French cuisine. A handful of France’s superstar chefs may come close to matching his celebrity status as a national treasure, but none surpasses him.

Since he led a second French revolution (of cooking) in the 1970s, which came to be called nouvelle cuisine, his message has been one of simplicity. Try the full-flavored black truffle soup or spit-roasted Bresse chicken with a glass of Beaujolais from Bocuse’s own wine firm to understand the extraordinary success of the world’s most famous living chef.

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