Pulitzer Hotel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rambling and Romantic, a Poetic Canal side Hotel

Located on one of Amsterdam’s prettiest canals and cleverly created by internally adjoining more than twenty landmark merchants’ homes, the Pulitzer Hotel could only be found in Amsterdam.

Four and five stories high, most of the Pulitzer’s narrow, whimsical buildings of diamond-paned windows and gabled roofs are at least 200 years old: some line the Prinsengracht (Princes Canal), then curve around on a small side street before lining the parallel Keizergracht canal, creating a U-shape that encloses an interior courtyard and garden.

The great-grandson of press mag­nate Joseph Pulitzer rescued the hotel’s decaying, canalside merchant homes in 1971, creating an environment whose timeless charm reflects the character of this civilized old-world city, an impression under­scored by the hourly bells of nearby Westerkerk, chiming away since 1631.

Half the rooms have extraordinary water views—who needs to stay on a houseboat?—made even more mag­ical at night, when the arched bridges are illuminated by tiny white lights. Rambling and romantic, the hotel offers plenty of private, cozy comers to sit and catch your breath or pass an hour on a late afternoon, as the light that the Dutch landscape painters made famous filters through the leaded windows.

Pulitzer’s, the new and immediately trendy cafe/bar/restaurant, is further reason to be held captive within these welcoming walls.

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