Pink Sands – Harbour Island, Eleuthera Island Croup, Bahamas

A Pastel Village on a Gorgeous Beach

As the Bahamas’ first capital, before Nassau, Harbour Island is rich in history, but today it is best known for the 3-mile-long cover of pale pink sand. It’s a private fantasy beach with water as clear as a swimming pool, rimmed by the classic seashell-pink-and- white Bahamian cottages of the Pink Sands Hotel.

Spread out over 16 green acres, the Pink Sands, once a venerable and slightly stodgy favorite of old-money families, has been transformed into a glamorous destination for a younger, more international, and decid­edly cooler crowd. The elegant informality of the place is deliberately, deceptively unas­suming, in keeping with the personality of Harbour Island, an offshore cay of Eleuthera.

Lacy gingerbread houses and white picket fences remind some visitors of Nantucket, but don’t think stuffy: There’s fun and whimsy in Pink Sands’ strong pastels and chic decor, and the restaurant’s Caribbean-Asian cuisine is one of the most exciting in the far-flung Out Islands.

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