Pic – Valence, Rhone-Alpes, France

A Family Affair

It all started in 1891 with Sophie Pic and a simple country cafe. Founder of the fabled Pic culinary dynasty, Sophie was the first of four generations to raise the traditional regional cuisine to a gastronomic art form. More than 100 years later, Sophie’s great-grandchildren con­tinue one of France’s oldest and most respected family lines of chefs du cuisine.

Anne Pic—daughter of the renowned Jacques Pic, who died in 1992—is currently the cre­ative force in the kitchen. She runs one of the most provincial of France’s grand restaurants and perhaps one of the least known of the great gastronomic shrines. The homey atmos­phere and local clientele blend seamlessly with the superlative food and a sophisticated ambience that is elegant without being over­done.

Understand what all the fuss is about by ordering the Rabelais Menu on a summer evening on the outdoor patio. It includes, among other wonders, the Pic family’s classic, filet de loup au caviar, a delicate filet of bass with caviar.

The wine cellar, stocked with more than 20,000 bottles, includes more than 400 different Câtes-du-Rhones, the wine for which Pic has become the ambassador to the world. A small on-site hotel caters to traveling gourmands.

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