Nusa Dua’s Sanctuary, Bali

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The Palace Club’s guests have a lot of privileges that shouldn’t be taken for granted. One of them is daily afternoon tea at the Palace Club Lounge that is available from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and exclusive evening cocktails from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Trust me, relaxing at the Palace Club Lounge is not to be missed as guests will be pampered with selections of delectable light bites and fresh drinks while enjoying the view of the hotel’s temple and pond where a flock of ducks are often found swimming. I couldn’t get enough unwinding at this part of the hotel as it is really so peaceful that I could hear almost no sound but the ducks quacking. And so I was really glad that the Palace Club’s guests get to enjoy breakfast at the Palace Club Lounge as well.

As for lunch and dinner, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa has a number of restaurants, each one having its own distinctive style, so there is always something for everyone to eat at the hotel. Raja is a fine dining restaurant offering Balinese dishes, while Maguro is an Asian bistro highlighting fresh sushi and sashimi. Next to the pool is Sandro’s Pizzeria with alfresco Italian dining, while the Tamarind Kitchen & Lounge is nestled by the beach overlooking the ocean and offers international cuisine.

Be Balinese

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa has not just successfully created a serene place for guests to stay, but also offers a number of activities that will bring guests closer to Balinese traditions. From a beauty class to a fruit carving class, and an introduction to scuba diving, this hotel has it all, but it was the Balinese dance class that attracted me the most.

balinese-dance-clasAlmost all Balinese women can do Balinese dance – at least they know the basics. So it wasn’t hard for the hotel to find a Balinese instructor to teach the guests all about Balinese dance. In fact, they appointed one of their workers who has been working at the property for more than a decade to conduct this class professionally. The class took place at an open bale next to the swimming pool. A Balinese song was played through the sound system as the instructor started to teach me the basic steps of a Balinese dance, which I have to say wasn’t as simple as it looks. The dance involves some movements that are similar to squats, but after a while the steps are not that difficult to follow.

I was also lucky that during my stay the hotel staff held a Full Moon ceremony in accordance with the Balinese ritual to honor the Full Moon. The ceremony took place at the hotel’s temple, and guests were more than welcome to join – of course each one of us needed to wear a sarong for a true Balinese experience. And after spending a day learning some Balinese traditions, it was only right to spend the next day lounging at the beach on one of the daybeds provided by the hotel and taking a dip in the tranquil ocean.


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