Never-Ending Bandung, Indonesia

Gedung Sategedung-sate

Gedung Sate, with its trademark central pinnacle that is said to resemble a satay skewer, is a long-time Bandung landmark. Construction on the building started in 1920, during the Dutch colonial era. Johanna Catherina Coops, the eldest daughter of Bandung Mayor, B. Coops and Petronella Roelofsen, laid the first stone.

Gedung Sate was the work of architect J. Gerber, Eg De Roo and G. Hendriks, and involved 2,000 workers, including 150 sculptors and wood carver. The architecture of Gedung Sate offers traditional touches of the archipelago and its elegant style has made it one of the conic tourist attractions in Bandung.

What to Eat?

Warung Kopi Purnamapurnama-bandung

This classic coffee shop will transport you back to the 1960s with its old-school design and Nat King Cole songs playing in the background. This legendary coffee shop opened in the 1930s under the name Chang Chong Sef which means “please try.” It was renamed Warung Kopi Purnama in 1966. Yong A Thong was a co-founder of the coffee shop, having moved to Bandung from Medan. Warung Kopi Purnama is still run by Yong A Thong’s family with a fourth generation now in charge of the coffee shop.

Warung Kopi Purnama specializes in coffee and toasted bread. Their specialty coffees are among the best in the city. When it comes to the bread, by recommendations are Roti Palm Suiker, Roti Pindaakas, Roti Selai Srikaya and Roti Dadar Ham. Warung Kopi Purnama also serves main courses such as Nasi Goreng Purnama, one of the recommended dishes, Lontong Cap Go Meh, Nasi Soto Bandung, Nasi Sop Buntut and many more.

The Legendary Sumber HidanganSumber-Hidangan

You might miss this classic bakery when exploring Braga Street because there is no signage. Sumber Hidangan, once located, doesn’t quite live up to its legendary reputation. It’s looking a bit worn around the edges, with dusty corners and empty display cases. But Sumber Hidangan has loyal customers, who continue to come for the memories and nostalgia, still buying breads and snacks. Sumber Hidangan was founded in 1929 and formerly known as Het Snoephuis. It offers a variety of dishes, from main courses, to breads, sweet pastries and ice cream.

Other restaurants:

Braga Permai. This restaurant opened in 1918, under the name Maison Bogerijon. In its heyday this was one of the best restaurants in Bandung. Some people said that Braga Permai even won the approval of the Queen of the Netherlands.

Tizi. When it opened in 1974, Tizi was located in Hegarmanah. It relocated to Kidang Panajung in the 1980s. Tizi is famous for its steak.

Toko You. Toko You opened in 1947. Its interior is dominated by wood and its offers a rich Indonesian menu with dishes such as Rawon Panggang and Swike Goreng Mentega.

Warung Bu Eha. One of Bandung’s most iconic culinary spots is Warung Bu Eha. This simple food stall offers Sundanese dishes such as Gepuk Pepes Telur Asin and Rendang Daging Sapi. One of the wives of former President Soekarno occasionally come to Warung Bu Eha in the 1960s, braving the traditional market where the food stall was located.

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