Museum of the Diaspora – Tel Aviv, Israel

Genealogy of a People Scattered Around the Globe

A fascinating window into the world community of the Jewish people, this museum illuminates Israel’s collective history and heritage. As Jerusalem embraces its millennia of history, the younger metropolis of Tel Aviv looks to the future: A museum with modern-day, state-of-the-art methods used to weave the story of a people scattered around the globe could be found only here.

That Jewish customs, costumes, music, and tradi­tions are so diverse is enlightening but not surprising; the real surprise is the realization that all these communities stem from the same tribes. Though the recurring theme of “unifor­mity with variety” is explored in a number of educational and absorbing ways, this museum is also fun.

If you’ve never been to a Jewish wedding, you can experience one by using the many interactive multimedia exhibits here. Other exhibits offer intriguing glimpses of Jewish life in eighty different nations around the world, where Jews now speak 100 dif­ferent languages.

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