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Keeping Costs Down

– The most expensive time to travel is high season (Nov-Apr), however this is also the most humid time on the island and cyclones can hit Jan-Apr: low season is cheaper and cooler.

– If your accommodation is based on a half-board regime, eat lunch outside the hotel.

– Rent a car from a local (rather than international) company – their rates are usually cheaper.

– For upmarket hotels, try to book through a travel agency, or else you’ll pay full rack rates.

– Hiking in Black River Gorges National Park is tricky without a private vehicle. To keep costs down, your best option is to get a taxi to drop you off at a trailhead and then pick up a bus at the lower end of the park; the coast road is well served by local buses.

– For excursions, try to organise a group – quoted costs are usually for the vehicle or boat.

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