Las Mañanitas – Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

In the City of Eternal Spring, a Treasured Inn

Las Mañanitas is considered a standard-bearer for luxury hotels in Mexico, the very definition of indulgence. Few do not know about it, and for good reason: At 5,000 feet above sea level, with a perfect climate the Aztecs called “eternal spring” and a smiling staff of 150 who live to pamper forty privileged guests, what’s not to love?

The atmosphere is sumptuous and relaxed, like the well-heeled city of Cuernavaca itself. Peacocks, cranes, and flamingos roam about the emerald lawns and flowering gardens as if in an open-air zoo, while parrots and rare blue macaws roost overhead. The city’s ancient Aztec name of Cuauhnahuac, the Place of the Whispering Trees, might apply to the gardens here, bursting with flowers and Edenlike in their groomed perfection. Most of the twenty suites open onto the gardens’ cool, tropical glory, and much of life at Las Mañanitas takes place there – tea, cocktails, waiting for din­ner, lingering for the joy of linger­ing, snoozing. If the hotel is full, guest-wannabes are in for a double disappointment if they intend to drop in for lunch or dinner instead. The justifiably acclaimed restaurant plays a key role in the inn’s fame as an ideal getaway, and many weekend guests come for the dining experi­ence alone. Book way in advance for either and cross your fingers.

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