Its instantly fashionable younger siblings JK Place Capri (b. 2007) and JK Place Roma (b. 2013) may get more noisy attention, but this stylish, clubbish mothership is still the only Florence hotel many well-groomed global nomads would ever dream of checking into.

It was here that local designer Michele Bonan created his first capolavoro, a blend of Florentine antique elegance and artisanal chic that makes this feel like the townhouse of a cultured collector. The house-party vibe is stoked by a communal breakfast table and complimentary perks that range from fresh fruit and a well-stocked mini-bar to use of a nearby gym and steam-bath spa.

The hotel has one of Florence’s most personable and knowledgeable general managers, Claudio Meli, and the place is always being updated, most recently with the addition of cashmere plaids and throws from cult Tuscan fabric firm Valbisenzio. Plus the JK Lounge & Restaurant has finally found its footing, after a couple of changes of tack, as a stylish meeting place with light, unfussy dishes such as spaghetti with sea urchins and cherry tomatoes, and mini Tuscan beefburgers. It’s also the place to go for Sunday brunch.

JK Lounge and Restaurant – Florence, Italy

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