Jaljale Himal – Nepal

Astounding Scenery Above the Clouds

Adventurers arriving en masse since the 1960s have indelibly altered Nepal’s most popular treks, but unforgettable hill cultures and breath­taking scenery (minus the Coca-Cola signs and yellowed Rambo posters) can still be found on alternative, less-traveled routes.

The Jaljale Himal High Ridge Trek in eastern Nepal remains something of a hidden jewel, offering some of the most pristine wilder­ness in the Himalayas today.

There are regular views of four of the world’s five tallest and most majestic peaks (Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu) and some of the friendliest people in Nepal. Except for a handful of trekkers on the final three days, you’ll see few non-Nepalese faces – most of the picturesque villages on this trek rarely see foreigners, so travelers can still experience authentic medieval Nepal and the daily life of its three ethnic groups (Hindus, tribals, and Tibetan Buddhists). But beware: This trip will spoil you. After Jaljale Himal, every­thing else will seem tame and commercialized by comparison.

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