Jaipur – The Place Where Indian Tales Come to Life


Hip and heritage, bohemian and luxe come together in the city’s avant-garde ateliers and design studios.

Studio Kassa’s

Arpan Patel and Aarushi Kumar spin old-school handiwork into “art with utility”. The Chappa Chippa lighting is hand-carved wood and brass discs taking cues from wood block-print stamps. In the Cloud lighting line, tear- and waterproof natural paper are tucked and pinned with origami-like precision. Leather bags and brogues get a techy makeover with laser tessellations. And traditional silversmiths have recast industrial metal shavings into futuristic jewelry that looks like it’s molded from Saturn’s rings.

 At Kannbar simple dhurries get jazzed up with metallic threads and edgy motifs that are at once tribal and post-modern.

Eoru’s Nur Kaoukji partners with old city brass-, marble- and glass- masters for ethereal home accoutrements. Gem cutters etch palm fronds onto glass carafes and stemware with mind-boggling precision. And, classic block print textiles and kaftans are updated with modern motifs and rich colors.

Anantaya draws on kaligbar know-how in practically every medium. Eschewing woven cotton, designers Geetanjali and Ayush Kasliwal cast block prints onto ultrasoft knits, putting a timeless spin on the modern T. Indigenous rohinda wood is whittled into stacks of smooth nesting bowls inspired by Jain alms bowls.

Rasa connects the hip and the historic with their silk and cotton garments, dainty ballet slippers and luxury bedding, all block-printed in abstract and geometric motifs.

Cool peeps head to Hot Pink for khadi, or handwoven cottons, and linens in updated silhouettes and beaded velvet Rajasthani jootis (loafers). Co-owned by jeweler Siddharth Kasliwal of The Gem Palace, the shop is one of the few spots in town to get a Kasliwal original.

Pashmina’s authentic roots are revealed at Andraab. The sumptuous stoles and shawls bear classic embroidery details, and a few are updated with playful stripes and minimalist motifs.

 O’d Gulabee peddles vintage wares dripping with royal pedigree. Despite the patina of age, the objets d’art here are impeccably hip.

 For Polo Factory


Leather craftsmen fashion the country’s first and only line of bespoke polo equipment. The Cavalry Shirt and mulmul (muslin) scarves, both block- printed with images of the indigenous Manipur polo ponies, keeps Rajput nobles playing smart and looking dapper.


Rajasthan is the birthplace of kachiori, a power  meal of fried pastry stuffed with onions, potatoes or spicy lentils that fueled warriors and tradesmen on long marches. Today, lighter fare balances the penchant for sweet and spice.


Tapri: Hipster-approved tea service

The standard Indian teahouse is moving on up—to this roof lounge serving brews in handsome copper kettles to a broad audience. Rajasthani teahouse fare is on the menu, with portions large enough for two.

Meraaki Kitchen
Fusion vegetarian bites in an industrial chic eating hall with artfully designed spaces.

Caffe Panchranga
At this Italian-inspired spot with lovely garden seating, expect wood- fired pizzas, homemade pastas, fusion sliders and great wines. Veggies come from Sujan Rajmahal hotel’s organic gardens.

Caffe Palladio

Caffe Palladio: sublime saffron setting

Your sublime repast in these gardens or saffron-hued pavilion may include lime- and mint-infused couscous or pomegranate tabbouleh. A deli is stocked with fresh bread, sweets and cool ceramics.

The Caffe follows on heels of last year’s nightlife-revving Bar Palladio, with its Italian frescos and outdoor fire pits.

The Kitchen at Jaipur Modern
Its updated menu stars farm-to-table quinoa options. Savory quinoa maki rolls and jaggery- sweetened coconut laddoos (a local confection) beg for seconds.

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